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Unfortunately not all homes are suitable for cavity wall insulation, examples of these are houses built using hollow blocks (9” cavity blocks), solid walls with no cavity or stone finished properties. However there are other options available in the form of External and Internal Wall Insulation. Up to 40% of heat can be lost through external walls.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is fitted to the exterior of the home and can be finished in a range of textures and colours. It is sometimes referred to a wrap around insulation as it wraps your home in Insulation. There are SEAI grants available for this External Wall Insulation of up to €4,500 depending on property type.

Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) also known as Dry-lining is fitted to the internal walls of your home. It is finished in a coat of plaster that is ready for you to add a coat of your favourite colour paint. There are SEAI grants available for this Internal Wall Insulation of up to €2,400 depending on property type.

Internal wall insulation involves the fixing of an insulated plasterboard slab to walls, attic and sloped areas of property. It can be used to upgrade existing or new build properties.

The plasterboards come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the regulations to be complied with. This process involves internally fixing an insulated board on the external walls of the house. Usually the walls will have fixtures and fittings which are taken off and refitted. The walls are always left skimmed and ready for painting.

Advantages of Internal Insulation

  • Increased comfort in the home.
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Cost-effective.
  • External wall appearance maintained.

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