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Airtight Solutions

Airtight solutions on buildings are systems involving the fitting of tape and membrane to eliminate air leakage from the building. This is measured in “air changes per hour”, the aim being to reduce this number to as close to zero as possible. Current building regulations require all new builds, both domestic and commercial take Air tightness into consideration at the design stage to ensure that as a nation we are building more efficient properties that retain their heat for longer.

What is air leakage in a building?

Air leakage is a loss or gain of air in and out of a building. This happens unintentionally when constructing the outer perimeter of the building and typically will take place through:

  • Joints, gaps and cracks in construction
  • Gaps created around windows and doors
  • Gaps where services enter and exit the building

How Airtight work is carried out:

A survey is carried out by Cooper Insulation to determine what needs to be done to meet the architects/engineers requirements and current building regulations.

Windows and Doors

An airtight tape will be applied on the perimeter of windows and doors. Primer and glue are applied to the block work after which the airtight tape is fixed to window frame first and then to the block work, thus creating an airtight seal. The window tape comes in a material which can be plastered onto directly.

Airtight Membrane

After your attic insulation is fitted in the roof space and between the rafters the airtight membrane is fitted. This membrane is fitted to the sloping area, across the ceiling and down the other slope. Air tight tape and glue are then fitted around the edge fixing this membrane to the inside of the walls to provide an Airtight seal to your home.

Cooper Insulation have the equipment to provide a provisional wind test when all works are carried out to ensure the building is fully Air tight before the official test is carried out by an independent assessor. This will give a reading of air changes per hour.


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