Extraction of Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation extraction is a system used for the removal of poorly fitted or ineffective insulation from the cavity wall of existing houses and buildings.

We can extract a variety of inferior insulation products such as mineral wool, glass fibre and bead from your cavity walls. These insulation products can absorb water, shrink and settle in specific areas leaving other areas vacant. Water can break down the old insulation material. All of this can result in water transferring to the inside walls which can in turn cause mould inside the walls and in your building which can damage your plaster, paintwork and timber windows. Any voids in poorly installed insulation will result in heat loss from your home.

The first step is for us to come out to survey your walls with a borescope and advise you on your extraction and re-insulation options. We use a videographer to monitor and record the extraction process to monitor and to insure that the cavities are clean. We offer a certificate of cleanliness afterwards.

Extraction can generally be done within one or two days with minimal disturbance to you or your home. After extraction our trained and experienced technicians will be able to install the latest highly efficient silver bonded bead to bring your building in line with current building regulations.

Extraction process:

  1. If the property is of brick construction we remove a brick at the bottom of the walls to allow the extraction machine to vacuum out the old insulation material. If the property has a render finish we drill a core at the bottom of the walls for this purpose.
  2. The initial holes previously drilled for the insulation install are re-drilled and used for the extraction process.
  3. We insert pressure lines to blow the insulation down to the vacuum points at the bottom of the walls. A whip hose is also used to break up the old insulation.
  4. After each section is cleared we use the videographer to survey and record making sure the cavity is clean.
  5. Once the process is complete we reinstate the removed bricks or cores drilled.
  6. All waste materials are removed by us and disposed by a registered waste company.

The property is now ready for re-insulation with our NSAI approved high density silver bonded bead.

Cavity wall insulation extraction equipment

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