Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Cooper Insulation to minimise its effects on the environment through its activities, as far as is reasonably practicable. Cooper Insulation's environmental policy will be intrinsically linked to our Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, Waste Management, and Purchasing policies.

It is our promise to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and best management practices. Our activities will be continuously monitored and upgraded inline with our policy and external influencing factors such as environmental legislation, changes in technology, and market pressures. It is the company’s policy which is both backed and spear headed by the company’s directors and management to improve our environmental performance, enhance our legislative compliance, prevent pollution and conserve natural resources at all times. Cooper Insulation will minimise adverse environmental impacts of the services we deliver by using the best available techniques.We will ensure that all subcontractors, suppliers and agencies working on our behalf will comply with, and up hold, the environmental standards that we have set.

We will make available all necessary information and training to both our employees (and the public where appropriate) to help implement this policy and to raise awareness of the potential environmental consequences of our activities.

Cooper Insulation is committed to the concept of social responsibility, work shall continue in developing and building partnerships with the relevant local authorities, regulators, our clients and local resident groups. When requested we'll produce all information available, regarding any of our projects or activities.

The directors of Cooper Insulation have planned and established measurable objectives and targets based on the Environmental Policy for the ongoing development of the company and its clients. These objectives are regularly reviewed and measured by management.

Management strive to build on the environmental management system we have achieved through a process of continuous improvement and also undertakes to review annually the environmental policy and consider the need for any amendments in the light of changing circumstances.

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