Attic Insulation

It is estimated that up to 30% of heat loss is through the attic or roof space itself; therefore it is of utmost importance to ensure your attic is insulated correctly to keep heat from escaping. Attic insulation can be installed by different methods and with a wide range of products depending on the house type and the customers’ preference.

When insulating the attic, Cooper Insulation lags all pipe work, tanks and trapdoors in the attic. A safe access walkway is installed from the attic hatch door to the tanks and the trap door is sealed to prevent draughts from entering the living area of the house.

In order to prevent heat from escaping the living area and into the attic space it would be advised to insulate an attic at ceiling level. However, if there is a living area in the attic the insulation should be fitted between the rafters.

Attic insulation is an extremely cost effective way of saving energy and it will generally pay for itself in three years of less.



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