Air tightness systems

What is air leakage in a building?

Air leakage is a loss or gain of air in and out of a building. This happens unintentionally when constructing the outer perimeter of the building and typically will take place through:

  • Joints, gaps and cracks in construction
  • Gaps created around windows and doors
  • Gaps where services enter and exit the building

Airtightness on buildings is a design to eliminate air leakage and the result of this is measured in “air changes per hour”. Current building regulations require all new dwellings, domestic and commercial have adequate airtightness.

How air tightness is carried out:

A survey is carried out by Cooper Insulation to determine what needs to be done to meet the architects/engineers requirements. An air tight tape will be applied on the perimeter of opes from the window edge to the edge of the block work, thus creating a seal on this weak area.

After the insulation is fitted in the attic or sloped spaces, an airtight membrane is fitted with glue and tapes to provide a seal at roof level.

Air tightness tests are carried out at the end of the build by an independent assessor and will give a reading of air changes per second. Each architect will specify different reading requirements. We provide our own test when leaving the house, to confirm the house is air tight, however to sign off, the engineer will require an independent test.

TESCON No.1 is used to form a secure and permanent seal of overlaps between foil and fleece membranes (Intelligent vapour checks and airtightness membranes, roof underlays and wall membranes) and joins between such membranes and smooth, non-mineral surfaces.

UNI TAPE is used for airtight bonding of overlaps, air-proofing membranes made of sheathing paper or foil as well as joints between membranes.


CONTEGA FC is a vapour resistant plaster sealing tape. It forms a high quality bond between window frames and masonry reveals.


Pro Clima Intello membrane provides airtight seal on walls and roofs to ensure leakage is reduced significantly. It gives maximum protection to thermal insulation where moisture entry may have occured. This may be through leaks, damp installed building materials or diffusion through adjoining structural surfaces. Intello membrane features the world's best and most effective variable diffusion resistance.

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